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Medical Ministries (General)

Is a ministry based in Multiple Countries.

AMG medical ministries around the world are extending the love and care of Jesus to those in need. In so doing, AMG also is given many opportunities to share the Good News of Christ through prayer with and for patients, through literature in the rooms and lobbies, in posters on the walls, or daily devotionals on the public address system.

By God's grace, many hundreds have had their sight restored, their wounds dressed, their illnesses treated and their souls refreshed through AMG medical ministries.

This Week at AMG: Episode 134 - Medical Ministry to Haiti
Posted On - Feb. 29, 2016
On "This Week at AMG," we hear from members of a medical team who traveled to Haiti this past November. They share about the trip and one special story of a 13-year-old girl with a large tumor on her ear. Watch the video to hear about her story and... // Carey Bryant

Ways to Partner with AMG
Posted On - Aug. 27, 2015
There are many ways for you to participate in what God is doing through the ministries of AMG! They can be summarized by three S’s: Supporting, Sharing,and Serving. Supporting Sponsor a Child: For $32 a month you can sponsor a child with... // Carey Bryant

This Week at AMG: Episode 93- Dental Team
Posted On - May. 18, 2015
On "This Week at AMG," Tasos talks about Mission Adventures and introduces Pete Lafakis, the Missions Coordinator at AMG. Pete shares about a dental team he traveled with who set up a clinic in Guatemala and treated around 200 students! Watch the video... // Carey Bryant

This Week at AMG: Episode 77 - Medical Team
Posted On - Jan. 26, 2015
On "This Week at AMG," Tasos is joined by Assistant Coordinator of AMG Mission Adventure Teams, Ken Ivins. Ken shares about his upcoming trip to Guatemala where he will go with a team of trained medical professionals as they perform over 30 surgeries!... // Carey Bryant

So That You May Know
Posted On - Sep. 25, 2014
Physical healing followed Jesus throughout His earthly ministry, foreshadowing the ultimate healing from sin and death that His sacrifice would bring. He made this connection Himself as he rebuked the Pharisees (who scoffed at His power to forgive sins)... // AMG Staff

Truly Exceptional
Posted On - Sep. 25, 2014
In the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, AMG’s St. Luke’s Hospital serves over 2,000 patients each month in a state-of-the-art facility that has come to be recognized as one of the top hospitals in Eastern Europe. Each family that passes... // AMG Staff

Providing Christ-like Compassion
Posted On - Sep. 23, 2014
Dear Friends and Ministry Partners, When Jesus came to earth, He performed many miracles of physical healing as a sign that the curse of sin and death was being reversed. These wonders offered hope and healing, confirming His identity as the promised... // Tasos Ioannidis, President & CEO

Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Will Provide
Posted On - Aug. 28, 2014
In October 2013 we brought you the story of Yohana. When she was just two weeks old a lit candle fell into her crib and she sustained severe burns over much of the left side of her body. As a result of her injuries, Yohana’s left arm was amputated... // AMG Staff

Medical Clinic in Haiti
Posted On - Jul. 31, 2014
A team from Mount Zion Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia recently went to Haiti on a medical mission trip. This team used some of the rooms of the Bethesda School of Camp Coq childcare center to run a clinic to meet the needs of the people in the... // Carey Bryant

The Life You Change... Might Be Your Own!
Posted On - Mar. 26, 2014
Our trip was a medical mission trip with a teaching conference added in for local church leaders. This two-fold trip – to treat and serve the sick and to teach and encourage local church leadership – was great. Our team worked very well... // Ray Williams

“This is Our Mission”
Posted On - Mar. 25, 2014
Romania is located in southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea. It also shares a border with Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria. Approximately 86-87% of the population belongs to the Orthodox Church, while only 5% identifies as... // posted by Steve Rogers

Ultimately, it is about Him!
Posted On - Feb. 24, 2014
For the past two years, doctors, nurses and medical assistants from Chattanooga, Tennessee have traveled to Cubulco, Guatemala, to minister to the people of that region. These two groups performed over 80 surgeries during a combined time of 10 days. // posted by Steve Rogers

This Week at AMG: Episode 26
Posted On - Feb. 3, 2014
On "This Week at AMG," Tasos introduces Dora Ciuca, the Executive Director of the Diaconia Medical Center in Romania. Dora talks about her story of how she started in newspaper evangelism and how the Diaconia Medical Center was started. Dora walks... // Carey Bryant

Bringing Healing in Greece
Posted On - Jan. 28, 2014
St. Luke’s Hospital is AMG’s 270-bed state-of-the-art medical facility located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2009 the country has been suffering through economic devastation caused by excessive government borrowing and the subsequent cut in... // posted by Steve Rogers

A Year of Blessing, A Year of Change
Posted On - Dec. 27, 2013
We are starting a new year, AMG’s 72nd, full of excitement. In 2013 we experienced tremendous blessings from the Lord and saw Him produce plentiful fruit as we worked together in partnership with Christians like you to make His love known. Some... // Tasos Ioannidis, AMG President

2013 Highlights
Posted On - Dec. 26, 2013
     • STT Berita Hidup Seminary, Indonesia – had its first 15 graduates from the Doctoral Program      • AMG Publishers’ Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible available in the English... // Posted by Steve Rogers

Serving God in Haiti
Posted On - Nov. 23, 2013
In September, a group of eight short-term missionaries from two churches Albany, Ga., travelled to Haiti with AMG. God blessed the work of the group, allowing them see and treat nearly 400 patients during their seven-day medical trip. This diverse... // posted by Steve Rogers

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Posted On - Oct. 25, 2013
August 24, 2013. A group of medical professionals arrive in Cubulco, Guatemala, for a week of surgeries. The group consists of 5 doctors, 7 nurses,… and me. I am not a medical professional, but I have been blessed to be part of this group for the... // Ken Ivins

A Flourishing Center
Posted On - Oct. 10, 2013
Dora Ciuca is the director of the Diaconia Medical Center in Romania, a flourishing center where its workers provide medical care and present the Gospel to their patients. Here is her update on the ministry: " In the Diaconia Clinic, we are trying to... // Carey Bryant

AMG Medical Ministries - Providing Physical and Spiritual Healing
Posted On - Sep. 26, 2013
Dear Friends and Ministry Partners, When the Pharisees accused Jesus of hypocrisy for eating with tax collectors and sinners, He rebuked them with a metaphor: “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are... // Tasos Ioannidis, President & CEO

Medical Ministry in Peru
Posted On - Jul. 25, 2013
As AMG International strives to share the message of Christ around the world, we recognize the power of medical ministry to open hearts and lives to the Gospel. When people are sick or injured, skilled medical care from faithful believers can be the... // posted by Steve Rogers

Mission to Pomaks in Greece
Posted On - Apr. 25, 2013
Approximately 100,000 Greek Muslims live in the Greek region of Thrace today. Of these, about 40,000 are Pomaks.They are a unique unreached people group that belongs to the ancient Thracian tribe of Agrianes who fought alongside Alexander the Great, and... // posted by Steve Rogers

Posted On - Mar. 11, 2013
Medical care is a basic human need and in many third world countries it isn’t easily available.  AMG Uganda saw this need and with God’s guidance and provision there are now two medical clinics serving thousands of people in two... // Karen Farney

Medicine on a Mission: Short-term Medical Team Provides Healthcare in Guatemala
Posted On - Jan. 24, 2013
One of the ways AMG provides medical care in Guatemala is through short-term medical mission teams. One such team travels to Guatemala each October and this year it included approximately 25 members including general surgeons, ob/gyn specialists,... // posted by Steve Rogers

From the President...
Posted On - Dec. 27, 2012
Romans 8:35 says, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” When we are distracted by difficult issues, financial cliff, crisis in Greece and... // Paul Jenks, President & CEO

Senorita Elena Hospital
Posted On - Nov. 29, 2012
The Senorita Elena Hospital in Cubulco, Guatemala serves the community by providing much needed medical care.  Each October a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and pastors from the USA serve for a week at this hospital.  Currently this... // Karen Farney

Medical Ministries
Posted On - Sep. 17, 2012
Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus healed many people to show His power and love, foreshadowing the ultimate spiritual healing He brings to all who put their faith in His shed blood for forgiveness of sin. Jesus made this connection when He... // Paul Jenks, President & CEO

A Ministry of Healing
Posted On - Aug. 24, 2012
In the midst of the continuing, severe financial crisis that has gripped Greece for years, St. Luke’s Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece, has continued its ministry of caring for people physically and spiritually. The challenges for St. Luke’s... // posted by Steve Rogers

It’s All in the Family
Posted On - Aug. 24, 2012
We are grateful for our national workers who are serving faithfully and sacrificially around the world. There are times when they face special needs, and when that happens, we seek to step in and help. One such instance took place recently in Guatemala... // posted by Steve Rogers

Healing Souls
Posted On - Aug. 23, 2012
From July 27- August 12, a team of 8 people from Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, NM traveled to Uganda to take part in a medical mission at 2 of AMG’s medical clinics. The team consisted of one doctor, David Holten, and 7 others who were ready... // Karen Farney

Mission Adventure Update
Posted On - Jul. 2, 2012
God has been doing amazing things this summer through each Mission Adventure team and the summer is not over!  July 3 rd Dean, Karen, and Aly Houser will make their 6 th trip to Uganda.  Each year they encourage all the nationals working... // Karen Farney

Quality Care
Posted On - Jun. 28, 2012
Motivated by a compassion for the sick, Diaconia Medical Clinic in Romania continues to serve those in need.  Quality care is a blessing not only for their patients, but for the staff as well. Their heart to love and serve their community is... // Stephanie Pickard

Ultrasound Scanner Donated in Uganda
Posted On - Jun. 22, 2012
Among AMG’s outreaches in Uganda is Hope Medical Center in the town of Bugongi. Recently, Imaging the World (ITW) donated a modern ultrasound scanner to this center. That was a much need piece of equipment and a great blessing. It has already... // posted by Steve Rogers

Come To Know God...

God didn't intend for you to fight life's battles alone. Would you like to know how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

What the Bible says about God:

It is because of God's love that He desires a relationship with mankind whom He has created. Yet because of His holiness, He can have no dealings with sin. That presents a problem...

What the Bible says about Sin:

Each of us has committed acts that are sinful. But more than that, because we are born with a sinful nature, we fall short of God's standard of perfection.

Because God is holy, He cannot look upon sin or accept sinful man into His presence. Yet because of His great love, He has made provision for man's sin...

What the Bible says about Jesus:

Jesus is not just a good man, moral teacher or historical figure. He is God in a human body.

The death of Christ demonstrated the love of God and satisfied the demands of His holiness. His perfect sacrifice paid for our sins and took them away.

We cannot come to God on our own terms. God, who created us, has provided a way for us to know Him, but that way is only through His Son, Jesus.

What the Bible says about Mankind:

It is not enough to believe intellectually that there is a God, or that Jesus existed as an historical figure, nor is it enough to have an emotional experience. Each of us must respond to God through an act of the will.

Salvation is turning from our old way of living, independent from God, and turning to Him and the new life He offers.

"...if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation."  - Romans 10:9-10

Salvation is a result not just of intellectually believing or of having an emotional experience. Salvation comes when we are ready to surrender our wills to Him. It is not just the words we say, but the attitude of our hearts. If you would like to receive Christ, this is the attitude He is looking for...

"Lord Jesus, I need you. I recognize that I am a sinner and I need your forgiveness. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Come into my life as my Savior and Lord. Take control of the throne of my life and make me the kind of person you want me to be."

If you have given your life to Christ, He wants you to grow in that relationship. Here are some things that will help...

  1. Begin reading the Bible daily.
  2. Talk to God in prayer expressing your heart to Him.
  3. Get involved in a church where you can study the Bible, learn more about Christ, and fellowship with other believers.
  4. Share with others about Christ and what He has done for you.
  5. Obey what you see in God's Word and trust Him in every detail of your life.
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Child Sponsorship FAQ's

List below are the most common questions that we receive concerning child sponsorships. As always, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 800.251.7206, ext. 421.

What is involved in sponsoring a child?

Child sponsorship includes prayer and financial support for your child. It costs $32 dollars a month, or $384 a year to sponsor a child. But equally important is the prayer support that your child receives from you. This is the advantage of pairing children with sponsors - the individual attention.

Can I write letters to my child?

Yes! We encourage you to write to your child . The letters that you write will help build a valuable relationship that your child will never forget. Usually twice a year your child will write to you.

How can I write to my child?

You can write a traditional letter and mail it to AMG, or you can create an account online and write to your child, as well as your child’s development center, from your account page. (Please note that all communications to and from donors come to the home office for processing. No direct communication is permitted for the security and safety of children, donors, and field staff.)

Can I send extra gifts at Christmas and birthdays for my child?

Yes! We receive gifts for sponsored children around the world – from toys to books to clothing. You may not know, however, that once shipping, duties, and other expenses are included, even something as small as a box of crayons and a coloring book could cost over $50 to send to the field!

If you plan to give a special gift:

  1. Consider a financial gift. This allows the staff from the child development center to first consult the child and their family about needs or wants and to purchase a gift locally. Please feel free to express any preferences you have regarding the item or items to be purchased. Giving in this way is a double blessing – getting your gift into your child’s hands faster and saving valuable ministry resources! Remember, you can give online and express your wishes right from your online account.
  2. Before sending a physical gift, please contact AMG office staff first to determine the feasibility and cost of delivery. Gifts can be transferred to some countries more easily than others. Thank you!
How much is appropriate to give for special gifts, Christmas and birthdays for my child?

We recommend a minimum of $15 but a good average is $25 to $50 by most sponsors. You may go up to $100 if you so desire. We request that you do not exceed the $100 amount on any single special occasion. If you have a unique situation you may contact the sponsorship department at 1-800-251-7206 and a staff member will discuss this with you.

Can I improve my child's living conditions?

AMG's mission is to advance the gospel with compassion. Impacting a child and a family with the gospel includes an awareness of the children's needs and a purposeful participation in helping those in our sponsorship program. Our child development centers are designed to impact a child mentally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually. There is no end to the needs and difficult circumstances every child brings to AMG and this is why our sponsorship program helps each child with nutrition, medical care, personal development, Bible study and spiritual training. AMG does not facilitate the building of homes or major lifestyle changes for the families connected to AMG. This type of involvement from outside sources very often creates serious problems for the family and the local community the child and family live within. Please see FAQ "How Much is Appropriate To Give For Special Gifts".

How will my sponsorship benefit the child I'm sponsoring?

Children under the care of AMG receive a hot, nutritious meal and a snack each day along with access to medical care if needed. Children are provided educational opportunities and are tutored if necessary. Childcare center staff members encourage children to take advantage of every opportunity they have to learn new skills. Children are given new outfits of clothing and shoes once or twice a year. Each child is given a clear presentation of the gospel, with the hope that they will become a Christian, and reach his or her world for Christ.

How much of my sponsorship goes to my child?

AMG has always approached the care of children with a holistic emphasis...daily food, education, access to medical care and most of all, the gospel. Every child receives more benefits and access to services than any one sponsorship could provide therefore all sponsorship funds are pooled for the maximum benefit of your child and all of those attending their center. Your sponsorship dollars are combined with your fellow sponsors so that every child receives uninterrupted care regardless of the possibility that a sponsor misses sending their sponsorship donation on any given month. Your faithfulness and that of every sponsor giving regularly will ensure the maximum benefits for your child as well as all the children in the Child Sponsorship program.

What happens if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

We understand that circumstances change and sometimes it may be necessary for you to give up your sponsorship. In this situation, notify us and we will begin looking for another sponsor for your child.

How long should my sponsorship last?

While we ask that your sponsorship commitment last at least one year, the length of time during which you sponsor a child is up to you. Sponsorship programs help AMG provide food, clothing, medical care and education to children until they reach age 18 or complete their final year of education and leave the sponsorship program. Most of the children AMG serves rely on these programs for their wellbeing. When a sponsorship lapses or is discontinued, AMG will seek out another sponsor rather than discontinue or interrupt the care for that child. Sponsors wishing to extend their relationship with a sponsored child beyond age 18 may do so if the child continues their affiliation with AMG either as a Bible student or National Worker.

Will there ever be a chance that I could meet the child that I sponsor?

AMG sponsors short-term mission trips around the world. Frequently, we will go to countries where childcare centers are located. When we go to the country where your child lives, we encourage you to participate in that trip. Short-term trips are a great way to share the love of Jesus and meet the child that you have chosen to sponsor.

What countries can I choose a child from?

Currently AMG is providing childcare to children in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, Thailand and Uganda.

How do I sponsor a child?

If you are ready to sponsor a child now, write, call, or click here to select a particular child. Or, if you would like us to assign you the child in greatest need, simply write to or call us. As soon as we receive your first donation of $32, we will send you a photograph and biographical and family information about your child. If you are interested, but have more questions, click here to email your questions or call 1-800-251-7206, ext. 421 and we will be glad to assist you.

National Worker Sponsorship FAQ's

Listed below are the most common questions that we receive concerning national worker sponsorships. As always, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 800.251.7206.

What is involved in sponsoring a national worker?

National worker sponsorship includes prayer and financial support for your national worker. It costs $50 dollars a month, or $600 a year to sponsor a national worker. But equally important is the prayer support that your national worker receives from you. This unique partnership is an important part of a national worker's ministry.

Can I write letters to my national worker?

Yes! We encourage you to write to your national worker. The letters that you write will help build a valuable relationship as you come alongside your national worker to encourage them in their ministry. Your national worker partner will send personal letters and ministry updates to you at least twice a year.

Can I send extra gifts at Christmas and birthdays for my national worker?

Yes. We do ask that you send money and not gifts-in-kind because of the difficulties involved in shipping packages. The money that is sent for the national worker will go 100% to them. Other gifts that are designated for family birthdays, specific ministry projects or personal needs are welcome as well.

How will my sponsorship benefit the national worker I'm sponsoring?

Your support is intended to supplement the income and ministry needs of your sponsored national worker. For some national workers, sponsorship funds enable them to acquire basic necessities like food staples and clothing or to pay their children's school fees. Other national workers may be amply provided for personally, but welcome the sponsorship assistance to print materials, equip facilities, hold special ministry events, or purchase supplies. In either case, your support is a significant contribution to the effectiveness of a national worker's ministry.

Will I be the only sponsor for the national worker that I'm helping?

Not necessarily. Many factors help define a meaningful support level for each national worker, including the cost of living for the country in which they serve; therefore some national workers are assigned more sponsorships than others. We work closely with our field directors to assess the needs of each national worker.

Can I give a one-time gift to a national worker?

We welcome regular sponsorship as well as one-time ministry gifts for all of the national workers who partner with AMG. Each and every gift is a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of a national worker's ministry.

What happens if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

We understand that circumstances change and sometimes it may be necessary for you to give up your sponsorship. In this situation, please notify us and we will begin looking for another sponsor for your national worker.

How long should my sponsorship last?

While we ask that your sponsorship commitment last at least one year, the length of time during which you sponsor a national worker is up to you. Sponsorship programs help AMG provide support to national workers until their ministry reaches a self-sustaining point or the national worker has completed their term of service. Many of our sponsors have enjoyed lengthy, fruitful relationships with the same national worker; others have had the opportunity to assist multiple successors.

Will there ever be a chance that I could meet the national worker that I sponsor?

AMG sponsors short-term mission trips around the world. Frequently, we will go to places where sponsored national workers are serving. When we go to the country where your national worker partner serves, we encourage you to participate in that trip. Short-term trips are a great way to share the love of Jesus and minister alongside the national worker you have chosen to sponsor in a whole new way.

What countries can I choose a national worker from?

Currently AMG partners with national workers in 26 countries. You can click here to view the majority of national workers that are available for sponsorship. However, for security reasons, not all of our national workers are individually represented on the site. If you do not see a particular country or ministry represented in which you are interested, please feel free to contact us at 800.251.7206 for further information.

How do I sponsor a national worker?

If you are ready to sponsor a national worker now, please write, call, or click here to select a particular national worker. Or, if you would like us to assign you the national worker in greatest need, simply contact us. As soon as we receive your first donation of $50, we will send you the photograph, biographical information, and ministry testimony of your national worker. If you are interested, but have more questions, click here to email your questions or call 800.251.7206 and ask for Meredith.

Mission Adventure FAQ's

How old do I have to be to go on a Mission Adventure?

There are no age requirements for MA team members. All applicants are subject to approval by the MA Team Leader. Minors (under 18 years old) who apply to participate must have a guardian that is at least 21 years old who will also be a participant on the trip. The type of ministry of certain trips on the field may preclude a minor's participation on the trip. Families are encouraged to participate on MA Teams.

Do you provide training to help prepare me for the trip?

Yes. Appropriate training is provided covering areas of cultural training, support development, spiritual preparation, etc.

What immunizations do I need to have before going on a Mission Adventure?

Immunizations vary from field to field. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recommendations for all fields. The basic immunizations recommended are Tetanus and Hepatitis A. However, some fields require additional immunizations and medications.

Will AMG help me to raise my funds to pay for the Mission Adventure?

AMG will provide assistance in writing support letters and developing a Biblical understanding of support raising.

What does the trip cost pay for and do I need extra money on the trip?

The trip cost covers all related travel and in-country expenses (i.e. air transportation, housing, food, insurance, in-country travel, etc.) You would be responsible for transportation to and from the originating airport, meals in the airport, and any personal items you would purchase on the field (i.e. snacks, souvenirs, etc.).

When do I need to have my trip paid for and have all my documents sent in to AMG?

Typically a $100 deposit is due at the time of registration for the trip. One half of the balance of the trip is due 60 days prior to departure and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to departure. All documents should be submitted 90 days prior to departure.

Can I give money to support a Mission Adventure?

Yes. Each Mission Adventure has its own designated page where you can give to support a team. To find a specific Mission Adventure, go to the Mission Adventure Trip Schedule Page and click on your trip. Then click the "Click Here to Support Trip" button to begin the payment process.

How do I know which trips are open to the general public?

If a trip is organized for a specific church, school, or other group, it is typically not "open" for registrations outside that group. These designations are reflected on the trip schedule. However, if you have a particular interest in joining one of these teams, you can contact us as some teams are open to additional team members.

How do I register for a trip?

First-time trip registrations begin with an Online Missions Profile. Log in or create a new account, then click "Account" to access your Online Missions Profile under the "Mission Adventures" heading. Once the six sections of your profile are completed, find the trip of your choice on the Mission Adventure Trip Schedule and register for the trip. AMG will then approve your registration, and you will receive an email explaining how to upload the documents needed for the trip. You will be able to pay more toward your trip from the same page where you upload documents. Upon uploading all documents and paying the rest of your trip balance, the registration process will be complete.

What is an Online Missions Profile and do I have to make one every time I register?

An Online Missions Profile (OMP) serves as your application for a trip and contains personal information such as contact information, your personal testimony, passport information, etc. You only have to complete an OMP once; after that the OMP can be updated at any time. With second and subsequent trip registrations, you can simply check to make sure all of your information is current.

How do I upload my documents for the trip?

Log in to your account and click "Account". Under the "Mission Adventures" heading, click "Your Enrolled Trips." There you will see the trips that you are registered for and where to upload your documents. Download the documents needed by clicking the blue text, complete the documents, scan them to your computer, then use the "Submit Now" buttons to upload your documents.

What do I do if I have applied for my passport but have not received it yet?

You can still begin the registration process for a Mission Adventure, even if have applied for but have not yet received your passport. On your Online Missions Profile under "Update Your Primary Information," check "I Have Applied for My Passport and Have Not Received It Back." When you do receive your passport, you will need to go back and update your Online Missions Profile with your passport information. If you are considering going on a Mission Adventure and do not have a passport, be sure to apply for your passport well in advance of the registration deadline of your chosen trip. Also, if your passport expires within the next 6 months, you will need to renew your passport before registering for a trip.

How do I pay more towards the rest of my remaining balance for the trip?

Log in to your account and click "Account". Under the "Mission Adventures" heading, click "Your Enrolled Trips." There you will see the trips that you are registered for and the button to pay more toward your trip.

How do I share my trip on Social Media?

To share a trip on Social Media, go to AMG's Home Page and go to "Click Here to see all AMG Countries, Sponsorship & Support Opportunities." Use the "Narrow By" tool to the left to find your trip. Open the trip page you are looking for and use the Social Media icons on the trip page to share the trip with your friends and family.

What if my church/school/group is paying for my deposit?

During the process of registration, you will be asked to choose between the options of paying for your deposit or of notifying AMG that your church/school/group is paying for your deposit. Type the name of your church/school/group in the text box when completing the next step of registration.

I am a Report Designee. How do I access my reports?

Log in on the website and then click "Account". Under Mission Adventures, click "View Trip Reports." This will allow you to see applicant information including Registration Status and which documents team members have submitted to AMG.

I cannot log in to the website!

Most likely, you are typing in the wrong password. To reset your password, click "I Forgot My Password" on the login screen. Type in your email and then click "Reset Password." You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. It is also possible that you are attempting to log in with an email address other than the one that was used to create the account. If you do not remember the email address associated with the website account, please give us a call at 800.251.7206.

A section of my Online Missions Profile will not save!

The pencil icons beside each section indicate whether a section has been completed or not. If there is a + sign beside a section, that section is not complete and needs more information. When you attempt to save that particular section, anything that needs to be corrected will be highlighted in red.

My trip registration has been declined!

If you see that your trip registration has been declined, this can mean that your Online Mission Profile is lacking important information or contains obvious errors OR that you have registered for a trip for which you do not qualify. You will receive a follow-up email that will give you further instructions or explain why your registration has been denied.

I have been approved for my trip but I am not sure what to do next!

Once you receive the approval email notification, log in to the website and click "Account." Under the "Mission Adventures" heading, click "Your Enrolled Trips." This page contains the next steps in the registration process, which are to upload your documents and pay the remaining balance for your trip.

I cannot scan or upload my documents! Is there another way to send them to AMG?

If you are not able to upload your documents, the second option is to mail the documents to our Home Office in Chattanooga, TN. Send your document copies to AMG International, ATTN: Mission Adventures, P.O. Box 182200, Chattanooga, TN 37422.

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